BAUKE BAKHUIZEN (1974) followed the estate agent study programme after his higher vocational education. After finishing his studies, he started working at Arthur Andersen Real Estate Services (now better known as Deloitte). After his employment at Arthur Andersen, he started working at the property management organization M.O.G. Vastgoed-management. Later he worked some years as an independent advisor before ultimately founding 2Rocks Estate with Lakeman and Van Wetering in 2009.

PAUL C. LAKEMAN (1952) worked as a real estate agent at Prins Makelaars from 1978 until 1995. Paul was part of the management team at the listed property fund Uni-Invest until 2005. Later he started working with Bauke Bakhuizen at Hooge Raedt Asset Management B.V. as property asset manager. In 2009, he got involved with 2Rocks Estate.

WOUTER VAN WETERING (1970) studied Engineering at the HTS in Haarlem and Management, Economics, and Law at the HEAO in The Hague. He started his career working for the real estate division of the municipality of The Hague. In the year 1999, he began working at Woningbeheer NV as senior advisor and later promoted to head of the consultation department. In 2003, he switched to working at Meeus Vastgoed-management where he later joined the management team. In 2009, he got involved with 2Rocks Estate.