2Rocks Management

Managing real estate portfolios

Managing real estate portfolios requires a thorough approach. 2Rocks takes care of purchasing- and selling policies of new and existing property portfolios. We keep a close eye on new market developments and inform you through reports and investment proposals in order to keep you up-to-date on market information at all times.
With this information, we will put together an optimal custom designed investment profile for you. Your contribution is obviously of great importance and with this in mind and to achieve the best results and therefore, prefer a relationship that is based on partnership. A great example is the Hooge Raedt Group, a nationwide private investment firm for whom 2Rocks manages various portfolios. We maintain relationships with several market players, monitors the (macro) economic building policy and identify market development and opportunities. These plans are implemented with the support of valuations and clear reports to make sure optimal efficiency will be achieved.

Another example of a custom-made portfolio is the Urban Studios in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Maastricht, meant for higher educated starters.

We want to offer you optimal efficiency and maximum return.

Property management

Returns are for a large part determined by the maintenance. 2Rocks offers all commercial, technical and administrative services needed for optimal property management via Compact Real Estate Services. The activities performed by Compact Real Estate Services include the collection of rents and fees, leases and indexation, the debtor policy and the monthly rent bill. Through long-term maintenance plans and budgets, the properties are optimally mapped and maintained. Our administration will ensure that budgets and estimates are predetermined and annual accounts are made. This ensures satisfied tenants and a steady rental income over a long period of time.

We want to offer you optimal efficiency and maximum return.

Our affiliated management partners are:

Compact Real Estate Services, compact-res.nl
Compact Financial Services, compact-fs.nl