Inside Investments is a privately held real estate fund with more than 150 private investors. The total assets, varying from shopping centers to office- and commercial buildings, have a net value of around €105M. Website

Offices For You is an innovative, full-service office solution that provides an inspiring work environment for you and your fellow entrepreneurs who work there. A place where you are stimulated, bring out the best in yourself, where everything is designed to make you excel and a place where you feel at home and at ease. Website

De Raedt Wealth Management is an asset management company that advises and mediates for wealthy individuals or parties in the Benelux following the strict regulations of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).

Van Gorkom Retail Property Consultancy is the independent intermediary and advisor for retail real estate in the Netherlands. Our drive is to realize your goals in real estate with utmost experience, inventiveness and up-to-date knowledge of the market. Website

Solid Stone Investments initiates and manages real estate investment funds. The company has years of experience in purchasing, selling and managing real estate, everything that is required for maximum return. Website

Compact Leisure Investment is an expert in acquiring, operating, managing and investing in holiday parks. Compact Leisure Investments is currently operating in the Netherlands and looking to expand to the rest of Europe.

Compact Financial Services takes care of every aspect of your financial administration, so you can continue doing business without worrying. Website

Compact Real Estate Services is a medium-sized management organisation, operating nationwide.Compact Real Estate Services manages offices, commercial properties, retail properties, shopping areas(shopping centres) and residential properties. Compact Real Estate Services is at the absolute vanguard of high-quality property management.Website